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Friday, 26 October 2012


The belief that I was over all of these feelings, all these emotions, turned out to be wrong. In a flash, just seeing your face brought everything back. I remember the complements, the ones you paid me. I remember the phone calls and times spent together. I remember the rage, and your confusion, your emotional immaturity. You never knew what you wanted. I hope you never find out. You deserve a life aloneIt's just like you to be quick with your words, saying what you feel, never thinking of the consequences. Every signal you sent said ‘take me now’, but when I tried to pursue, you assured me I had gotten the wrong message... or maybe it was just a message that you didn't quite get across right. It wasn't even about f***ing, it could've been more. I wanted more. Those are the kinds of signals you sent. I could call you any time, we could go for something to eat whenever, you wanted to spend time with me, you missed me.

After seeing you again, I wonder if you remember anything you've said to me. I wonder if you still miss me. I wanna know if you know how angry you make me, how our whole ‘situation’ stays with me, and how I wish I done things when I could've.

I regret nothing... just you, and you.

Edited: 20:56, on 26/10/2012
EX/TC can be cruel sometimes.

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