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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

‘I don't know’...

So here we are again. In this same conversation. Aren't you sick of this by now? I know I am. I was sick of it months ago. I often wonder how I'm still with you. And I don't mean ‘with you’, I just mean talking to you. “There's no harm in just talking” - yeah right. You yammer on about things I really could care less about. But the moment I ask you ‘What is this between us? What am I to you?’, you miraculously lose the gift of speech. ‘I don't know’... You don't know? Are you f*cking serious? Maybe I think too deep into these things... Maybe I just know what I want. I want you. I want you to grow up and tell me that you want me too. I want you to fall into my arms and tell me how much you've longed for the moment when you could call me your own. I want you, without the games and the second guesses. You make it hard for me to keep up with your insecurities. You judge us based on your past. This isn't then, this is now. This isn't him, this is me. Just be honest. Not to me, but to yourself. Go with your heart, not with flow.

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