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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hi, Hello, Hey

The irony of this situation. 
The way I can't help but laugh. 
And not just an internet laugh. 
I mean a real...a real good laugh. 

How many times do we do this routine?
Why do you keep coming back?
How is this fun for you?
Why do you think I've changed?

You say hi,
You ask how I am, how I've been since we last spoke. 
You tell me you miss me.
Your mix of small and sweet talk, amuse me. 
I try not to be rude. 

I wonder if you're finally willing to give me what I want...
But it's too soon to ask.
I want to act like how I always act when we talk. 
Cold and blunt and to the point. 
This time isn't different, but...
But maybe I'm different. 
All those years since we started talking, and maybe I have changed along the way.

Am I willing to give you what you want from this?
Fuck no. 
But, I feel less intent about pursuing my own needs. 

We'll see where this goes. 

Even if that means going south, again,
I know you'll be back. 

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