'Getting 'lost' is only natural. Feeling 'rage' happens. Reaching 'EX/TC' is something entirely different...'
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Monday, 12 March 2012

I'm lost, again...

"It seems like I've lost myself again, Etcetera. It seems like I've failed. A year ago, I sought to prove to the world that people can change. Namely, me. I said, 'Etcetera, I know I don't need to be such a sadistic introvert. I don't mean it, y'know, time just passes by faster when I am.' And now, after feigning many positive emotions and human interest on my search for social ingenuity, I'm back to being the asshole you've come to hate. Except now, it's much worse. Now, I mean to be. Now, I mean it because I know they deserve it."

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